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VNCOC Main Office

1618 W. 1st St., Santa Ana, CA 92703
Tel: (714) 558-6009 | Fax: (714) 558-6120

Senior Program: Providing activities and assistance for seniors

Founded in 1984, this program has become immensely popular and successful. On a typical day, up to 100 seniors come here to participate in many of the Program’s activities, which include a delicious and nutritious Vietnamese hot meal, social activities, and workshops.

Physical Activity Classes: free exercise classes for seniors on a daily basis.

ESL, Citizenship & Computer Classes

Since their introduction to VNCOC’s curriculum, the English as a Second Language (ESL), Citizenship, and the Computer Fundamental classes have enjoyed a high level of attendance. The classes have provided the recently-migrated residents a means to cope with the new environment and a vehicle to go forward on their new lives’ journey.

Transportation Programs
  • SNEMT: The Senior Non Emergency Medical Transportation program was developed to provide older adults access to non-emergency medical appointments with a lowest possible transportation fees. Immediately after getting started in 2002, the program has had the participation of thousands of seniors and has been serving on a average of 12,000 trips per year. (Tel: 714-558-3097)
  • SMP: The Senior Mobility Program was developed to provide transportations for seniors to visit the Senior Center.

Champion Alliance Program: train champions for change on nutrition, physical activity and health beverages.

REACH Program: VNCOC is part of the REACH program to provide resources for chronic illness prevention and management within the Vietnamese American community in Orange County.

Citizenship and Immigration Program

Within the past 10 years, VNCOC has helped more than 10,000 Vietnamese refugees and immigrants to become naturalized American citizens by providing them free citizenship training classes and guiding them through the application process. VNCOC also assists Vietnamese-American citizens in filling out immigration forms or making petition for relatives. We provide translated materials and friendly bilingual service to make the process less daunting.

Food Commodities

Every second Friday of each month, the VNCOC provides free canned food, juices, milk, meat, rice, and vegetables, etc. to low-income residents.



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