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Our Mission: provide comprehensive -- health, human, and economic development -- supporting services to Vietnamese Americans in order to enable them to become actively participating citizens in the mainstream society through empowerment and capacity enhancement of each citizen.

Established in 1979 as a refugee resettlement support agency operating out of a makeshift storefront office in an area that now became today’s Little Saigon, the Vietnamese Community of Orange County, Inc. (VNCOC) has gradually expanded its operations to respond to the rapidly evolving needs of the local Vietnamese-American population (est. 200,000), the largest concentration of Vietnamese outside of Vietnam.

Now, with some 15 social service programs and a Community Economic Development Project provided at our headquarters in Santa Ana and the branch offices in Westminster and Garden Grove, the VNCOC—the largest non-profit, community-based of its kind—has touched the lives of tens of thousands of people and has come to be regarded as a real institution in the Vietnamese-American community.

With the help of its sponsors, the dedication of its staff, and the strong support in the community, VNCOC will continue its leadership role in the social and economic development areas as it moves with the community into the 21st century and the new millennium


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